May 22, 2013

The Girls' Best Moments So Far....Part 2

The Girls' Best Moments So Far....

by Leanne Ches
Best moment so far was when we were helping at the clinic. We sorted medicine and took care of some of the little ones. One of the little girls at the clinic came up to me and just gave me a hug and said I love you.

by Meghan Thompson
Best moment so far was when Gaby drew a picture of me with her. It was so special. (she spelled my name really wrong but hey that's okay). But honestly I just love all the kids.

by Rebecca Driver
Best moment so far for me was playing with the orphans at the beach. They were so much fun, laughing and giggling.

by Darien Exter
Best moment so far was painting. It was fun to see their ideas come to life.

by Jordan Clarke
Playing soccer for long hours. A bunch of older kids came from the community and we were all out their playing together. It was so much fun

(by the way she is too modest to say but it was tied 6 to 6 and Jordan hit a perfect strike from 20 yards out and scored the winning goal! Her first International goal!)

by Amy Hollin
Best moment so far watching the ladies clean and paint the pantry. They were amazing. We cleaned it painted it, and organized it in a few hours.

by Julia Mrowiec
Best moment so far was probably the beach. Loved swimming with the kids.

by Ciara Wilson
Best moment so far was playing charades with the kids at the home one night. Also it was so funny giving out 'Canada rocks' tattoos at clinic.

by Becca Kotula
Best moment so far was just about every moment we are with the kids. I just loved how on the very first day all the kids ran to us and gave us big hugs.

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