May 20, 2013

Monday afternoon (May 20)

Rebecca, Ciara, Leanne, and Julia left early this morning with Amy after some bananas and cereal to work at the clinic. They should be there most of the day and are hoping to help some of the local children in need of care.

The rest of us stayed here and did a combination of work. The boys used some of their muscle and scrubbed down the whole kitchen (and prepared it for painting which we'll be doing this afternoon). Moms - you'd be proud of your boys. I told them I would make sure their moms knew they were ready to clean kitchens when they get back home to the States.

The girls and some guys mixed in a combination of arts and crafts and reading with the children all morning. Meghan's art projects and Becca's books have been a huge hit. Darien has probably painted a million pictures, Jon helped create masterpieces with the play do, and Brian reading to a seven year old would melt even the hardest heart.

I was reflecting today our saying of Patriots Do. And honestly I can say I have been amazed at what these Patriots are doing. They are doing much more than reading, painting, helping at a local clinic. These Patriots Do show compassion, do bridge cultural gaps with kindness, do their best to serve and bless. Moms and Dads you should be proud. Ms. Ball and teachers and staff you should be proud, our community should be proud. You all have poured your very best into them and they in turn are pouring it out here for the children of Roatan (not to mention a few buckets of sweat too). They are all gems!

Till next time God Bless

PS - to my four GEMS back home. Mom and Dad love you and miss you. Remember be good and do good. Love you!


  1. We were so excited to see the blog come up! It is so wonderful to read about all that the group is doing already. We are so proud to know that our son is part of such a "life changing" experience. Enjoy your time, serve well and stay safe! We look forward to reading any other entries you post!
    Mike and Stephanie Ryan

  2. Thank you so much for posting ~ We have missed you all and have been waiting! I just love how you describe what our children are doing with the children you are there to serve and love.

    Please hug Garrett for us! We are keeping you all in our prayers as you make such a very big difference in the lives of so many!

    Dabney ~ Garrett's mom

  3. Jake and Amy - we are doing great . . .the girls are doing good, being good and hopefully having fun. . .I haven't been lost thanks to Grace's patience and GPS skills. Ellie's team won the tournament, Manna was amazing at dance, Sojo played well and scored 3 goals. . .had pizza and a trophy . . .the gramcracker fairy will be by tonight. . .we miss you and are so thankful to hear from you . . love you, your mother, Amy's other mother, the girls gramcracker

  4. I am so Patriot Proud of you seniors and so grateful that you have Mr & Mrs H to guide you on this journey. You have stepped out of your comfort zones and into totally new territory and are handling yourselves with dignity and warmth and compassionate behavior. I am looking forward to reading more about your adventures and am going to sned the blog link to Miss bev, so she can share your experience as well. love Mrs G

  5. I am enjoying reading these posts. It sounds as though these young men and women are making JC proud! Keep up the good work, you ARE making a difference in the lives of these children!

    God Bless,
    Pam Grunewald