May 22, 2013

Service Projects and Serving Iguana..... Oh my!

Some of us were awoken today with squeals of delight as Blanca, the cook at the home, was showing off some amazing iguanas outside. She had bought four from the man who hunts for them in the bush. (gross out disclaimer for those who might get queasy easily, the iguanas were not for pets. But more on that at the end of the post)

After breakfast, Julia, Leanne, Rebecca, and Ciara went to the local clinic, Clinic Esperanza, with Amy. The Clinic is a totally different experience then the Children's Home. We knew the children at the home were fortunate but it was pretty eye opening. Long lines and people waiting hours to be seen is the norm. We spent sometime entertaining the kids waiting to be seen but our supplies disappeared quickly. Worried that we might not have work, we were put to work quickly after a brief tour. Sorting medicine of all sorts and making sure donations were sorted kept us plenty busy. The team is going back on Thursday but it is probably safe to say we won't be taking our health care in the States for granted when we return home.

While the one team was busy at the Clinic, the rest of the group was at work at the home. The girls cleaned, painted, and organized a pantry while the boys did some rehab work in the kitchen. The pantry and the whole kitchen project in general has been a real labor of love (and of sweat). After the kitchen work some of the team went down with some of the children to clean the drive plus the soccer field. The home allows the community to use their field in front, but apparently after soccer the national pastime is throwing trash anywhere you please. Not exactly a safe or clean environment for twenty plus orphans. So we were able to be a blessing and do some major cleanup.

Well of course we have to end the story of the day with the iguanas. As suggested earlier the iguanas were not for pets. Apparently iguana is a prized dish in Honduras (as are the iguana eggs). So for dinner tonight with your beans and rice could have fish or iguana. Cooked in a curry stew it really was pretty good (or at least not too bad). About half the team tried it. We'll leave it up to them to tell you who did and who didn't! :-)

All and all another amazing day under the Honduras sun. We finished the evening with a talent show - boys with a soothing rendition of Take Me Home West Virginia and girls with some cup flipping, Jason Mraz singing, and imitating of the boys. A rousing game of partner Simon says (or is that Simon dice in Espanol) with the children closed out the evening. Simon didn't have to say hug your partner good night as there were plenty of hugs abounding as we headed off to bed.

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  1. Iguana?????? Oh My!!!! I guess it's all part of he adventure! I truly cannot wait to sit down with Matt and hear all of the stories from this trip! And to see all of the pictures! Can't wait for the next post!
    Stay safe and have fun
    Stephanie Ryan