May 20, 2013

May 19

Greetings from Honduras!

Well we are here and it all seems a bit surreal. We plan and pray and one day wake up and you see 20 of the most beautiful children in the world staring in your window asking, ?Juegas el futbol?” Of course we play football. And before you know it Matt, Scott, and Garrett are down on the dusty, rocky field trying to keep up with 10 year olds.

Rebecca has Hannah playing with her hair, Jordan and Megan are swarmed with about four girls climbing all over them.

Welcome to the Sandy Bay Children’s Home.

We flew in safely yesterday and were warmly greeted by Orsy the host father for all the children. Orsy and his wife Vanessa are two of the most talented and kindest people we have ever met.

Our 14 John Carroll students have all been falling in love with the 20+ orphans in less than 24 hours.

So far so good here on the island. We’ve already played lots of soccer and gone to a 2.5 hour church service and have been swimming in the most beautiful water ever.

Internet and cell phone connection is spotty at best. So we may only post once or twice more.

But please know that we are safe and our John Carroll students are having a great time serving others being the hands and feet of Christ. Tomorrow some of the students are heading to the clinic, others are tutoring, and some are working in the sports camp.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Grace and peace,
Jake and Amy Hollin

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