May 21, 2013

Best Moments So Far in Honduras--Part 1

Best moments from the boys...*

by Garrett Porte
Best moment so far playing with the kids in the water, it was cool actually just playing with them and being on this beautiful beach. I was surprised with how comfortable they were with us right away and how they just wanted to be loved

by Scott Strappelli
Best moment so far the passion is witnessed at the church we visited. It was just awesome how much they were excited to be worshipping God. I loved how they welcomed us, it made me feel like we are all part of God's family.

By Matt Ryan
Best moment so far playing Soccer with the kids. Even though Garrett recked me (I guess he didn't understand it wasn't American football). But it was a lot of fun. They loved all the games we brought (frisbees, whiffle balls and bats and of course a bunch of soccer balls.) They are crazy good at soccer.

By Brian Cadden
Best moment so far is when I was reading books with the kids. This girl named Destiny and another little girl named Diana were reading with me and it was nice to be able to help them

By Matt Linck
Best moment so far was doing Arts and Crafts with Danny, Angel, and Carlos. It was cool to see how excited they got when we brought out the paint, play do, and puzzles.

By Jon Leishman
Best moment so far is when I went snorkeling with a one of the kids named Richard. I'll always remember just swimming with him, holding his hand and seeing the world through his eyes.

By Mr. Hollin
Best moment so far was watching all the boys sweaty and tired painting Blanca's kitchen a light sky blue that resembles the expansive sky outside. Made me proud to be with them.

* to come tomorrow (or whenever Internet access can be found)....
- girls' best moments so far
- clinic report from health team
- community food distribution by all


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! From a fellow lover of these precious children. We miss them sooo much and can't wait to be with them again. Until then, we live through your experience. EVERYTHING you talk about we can relate and remember. They truly are treasures. Enjoy them because it goes very fast.

    All for our Savior!!

  2. It sounds like the kids are using their gifts and talents to find ways to communicate and bond with the children! Awesome! We miss Matt(Ryan) like crazy but we are proud of him and all of the students for being part of this trip. Thank you Jake and Amy for taking care of our kids, keeping them safe and organizing everything! Stay safe and God Bless!
    Mike and Stephanie Ryan

  3. So very excited and emotional to see these fantastic students serve these wonderful children in Honduras! We hang on every post and enjoy the photos!! Jake and Amy--you have found your true calling in mentoring our future ambassadors!
    With love and good wishes.
    Carrie and Michael Leishman

  4. Best moment of today for me has been reading your posts about best moments. All of you are why I became and remain a teacher-because I get to work with students such as yourselves and colleagues like Mr & Mrs H-much love Mrs G