May 24, 2013

Nothing "Common" About Our JC Community

John Carroll isn't just a school... it's a community, and an uncommon one at that. Many schools nowadays try to cater to one skill set or interest.  Others have a business approach promising a lot up front, only to pull the bait and switch on you for four years.

But I can honestly tell you that in over twenty five years of being part of JC (first as a student and now as a teacher) we are more of a community than a business.  Our school is more of a Thanksgiving meal than a Store front on Black Friday. We are a community, and an uncommon one at that. 

We've tried to remind the students here in Honduras that they are here representing this uncommon community; one that sacrificed to send them abroad to help others, one that pulls together to support the dreams of young adults.

There are honestly too many people to thank for helping us get here
(so please forgive me if I forget someone) but just for starters...

*thank you parents for raising these young men and women, entrusting them to us, and supporting them to go on such a wonderful journey of service. Your trust in, your sacrifice for, and your investment in your children is beautiful.

* thank you Ms. Ball for supporting the trip and the idea of creating an  international service program.

* thank you Mrs. Geczy for all your love and support for the whole Senior class (I want to be the teacher that you are).

* thank you to all the teachers who have supported us in so many ways....

- The Ladies Sewing Group at school (included are pictures of the sheets, pillow cases, and curtains you made and sent.  The children are so thankful!) 

- Anne McMahon (this blog wouldn't be happening without her. Thank you Anne !)

- Sandia Seiler (for helping with the ESL material for the children)

- Bruno Baran (for helping with the art supplies for the children)

- Erik Frabriziani and Karen (for helping with our med kit and supplies)

- Susan Garcia and the Spanish Club (for helping with the face books so our students could share their home life with the children here).

- Laura Lang (for helping us apply for and get a grant and do a fundraiser to help the overall cost of the trip)

- For all the teachers, students, family and friends who came out to the TGIF fundraiser (and for all the teachers who were back home subbing for me this week. )

- And finally to my Mom (our daughters call her Gramcracker) who sacrificed to put me through John Carroll almost twenty five years ago and is home now watching our four precious girls.  Love you Mom.

I know there might be someone I forgot and for that I'm sorry.   My hope with this post was just to make sure people know that many many people were part of making this Senior Project trip happen.  What a beautiful picture of what a community is suppose to be.

It's not really common anymore for people to put others first,  to serve without being worried about what is in it for me, to help even when you don't know how your help will help.

We, John Carroll Patriots, are a community... an uncommon one at that.  People have given selflessly to make this trip happen, so many have supported, encouraged, and helped the Seniors with their project, and I couldn't be prouder of this Senior Project group.

Thank you all for helping us help others. Nothing is common about our JC  Community! 

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